Buy Nothing Day

Thanks to Live. Grow. Nourish. Create I’ve just discovered Buy Nothing Day – and it has a UK group!

If you fancy a day blissfully free from consumerism, or if, like me, your purse is empty anyway, join in and celebrate Buy Nothing Day on Saturday 24th November.

The idea immediately reminded me of the amazing Reverend Billy & The Church of Stop Shopping, who I discovered when, on their UK tour, they exorcised BP from the Tate’s turbine hall. Amazing.


Here’s one I made earlier. Hansi Singh’s chameleon is one of the most impressive and challenging patterns I’ve come across. She’s designed an array of 3D knits, including patterns for octopi, angler fish, cuttlefish and praying mantises. I learned a few new techniques and tricks making this one, including the clever use of increasing/decreasing to produce the spiraling tail.