Swiggle Sweater

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A new project! I’ve started a new sweater using my swiggle pattern and an adaptation of Schiaparelli’s bowknot sweater (available free here). I love the ‘straight-up-and-down’ style of 1920s knitwear, and I think it makes a good canvas for colourwork patterns.

Here’s my progress so far:

green4 green5
I decided to use a folded edge, since it gives a very neat finish and adds a little weight to the bottom of the jumper. Another iconic item of clothing from the 1920s, the Chanel jacket, employs the clever use of a chain sewn into the inside of the hem to give a satisfying weight and better hang. I’m hoping to achieve the same effect.
I picked up the trick of folding the edge from Lesley Anne Price’s wonderful book Kids Knits. It works by knitting a few rows in stocking stitch, then a row of purl on the right side, giving a ridge to form the folded edge, and continuing in stocking stitch until the ‘post-ridge’ rows reach the same number as the ‘pre-ridge’ rows. In the next row each stitch is knitted together with one picked up from the cast-on edge. With the first attempt I found that the edge curved outwards too much. I remedied this by knitting the folded edge on needles a size smaller, then switching up to larger needles when I reached the ridge row of purl.
Here are my instructions for making a small folded edge:
Cast-on with smaller needles.
                                                                    Row: 1. Knit
                                                                             2. Purl
                                                                             3. Knit
Change to larger needles for ‘ridge row’.               4. Knit
Continue in stocking stitch.                                  5. Knit
                                                                             6. Purl
Fold and join cast-on edge.                                   7. Pick up last stitch of cast-on edge, knit together with first stitch on needle.
                                                                                       Repeat to end of row, using all stitches.