Okay Knit!

Cary Grant learns to knit!
A little discovery I made after googling “men knitting” (what can I say? everyone has a fetish).
I’d love to see the rest of the film – ‘Mister Lucky’, made in 1943 with Cary Grant as Joe Bascopolous, Laraine Day as Dorothy Bryant and Florence Bates as Mrs Van Every, the knitting instructor.

Some favourite quotes:
“We want a group of obviously masculine men to take up knitting, do it perfectly casually in public places.”
“We’ll educate those little piggies!”
“Take off your hat! Take that cigarette out of your mouth! Now siddown! ..Give him the needles!”
“Oh! Don’t be alarmed young man.. let me look at your hands..”
“You take the one gimick and you stickitinhere like this, and then you take the string and putitbetween the two gimicks and then you takeit and you just..all off!.. that’s all there is to it!”

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