Wool House II

After quite a busy week I’ve finally got round to uploading my pictures from a second visit to the Wool House, last Friday. I’ll try to be better in future, I promise.

The rooms of Wool House were put together by different artists and designers, with a bedroom, lounge and nursery, amongst others.

These were my two favourites, Natural Room by Josephine Ryan and Nursery by Donna Wilson. I liked the first for its fairytale-like sinister edge (Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma’s woodland cottage), the second for it’s soporific dreaminess (the designer’s alternative to adding brandy to the baby’s bottle) and both for their all-encompassing warmth and imaginative design. Walking into them practically felt like being hugged by the fleecy walls.


The Mill

It’s high time I paid my respects here on my blog to a favourite local hub of mine – The Mill, on Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow. mill

A former library that was closed down, the building was rescued and revived by local residents determined to maintain a space for neighbours to meet, play cards, read the paper, exchange language skills or do anything they liked. Over a year on, there’s an exhibitions programme, children’s activities, a book club and, very importantly, a twice-weekly knitting circle. After a long period of absence I made a return to Friday morning’s session, to find a hive of activity, ready for a craft sale tomorrow afternoon. If you’re in the E17 area..









Click here for more information about The Mill and its programme.

Wool House

woolhouseYesterday I chanced across the ‘Wool House’ at Somerset House. The week-long exhibition and series of events set up by the Campaign for Wool is dedicated to all things wooly. During my brief visit I had a spinning lesson with Sheila from Dovecot Studios and bumped into a familiar face from The Handweavers Studio. I’m going back this morning for more, armed with a camera. I’m just so sad to have missed the sheep parade!

The exhibition finishes this Sunday, 24th March. Go to the Wool House‘s or Somerset House‘s website for more details. Catch it before it goes!

‘Knitting and catastrophe in cinema’? Sounds like the perfect evening to me!



Join us on Monday the 25th of March for an evening of film and discussion on the theme of ‘Threads: Un/ravelling Space’.

Featuring a rare screening of “wild but gentle” fantasy film Wool 100% (2006), directed by Mai Tominaga, in which two aging junk-collecting sisters return home one day to discover a stranger knitting a red dress in their house. We’ll also be screening Jenni Nelson’s documentary short Tightly Knit (2010), which explores the story of three passionate characters obsessed with knitting, introducing contemporary trends in a vibrant knitting community.

Plus Dr. Jonathan Faiers on knitting and catastrophe in cinema, Perri Lewis on knitting’s ‘scene’ in London, and a discussion chaired by Laura Price and Professor Philip Crang from Royal Holloway, University of London.

And if you’d like, please feel free to bring any knitting/craft to work on whilst watching the talks and films!

Kicks off at 7.30pm on Monday the 25th…

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A commission!

I’m off to gather materials for a knitting commission. Stitches and finishing techniques were running through my head before I opened my eyes this morning.. excitement has officially kicked in. I’m sworn to secrecy for now and can’t reveal any details just yet.. so here’s a nice picture of a cat named Billy in the meantime.


Yesterday’s News, Tomorrow’s Knitting

paperyarnI’m putting my new drop spindle to good use, starting with spinning yesterday’s news.

I picked up a Metro, the free London paper that settles in a grey layer over the floor of the Underground train carriages by the end of the rush hour each morning. It makes a surprisingly strong yarn, tough and inelastic.

After a couple of hours my fingers were pink and grey from friction and ink.paperpaper2

A Visit to the Handweavers Studio

Sometimes, there are ridiculously amazing, awesome, incredible things on your doorstep.


And every now and again you discover them.

Today was one of those beautiful days, since I found out about and paid a visit to the Handweavers Studio & Gallery in Finsbury Park, North-East London.

In this colourful Aladdin’s cave of yarn I felt like the proverbial kid in a candy shop, surrounded by shelves full of silk, wool, bamboo, cotton, banana, rayon and linen yarn (to name a few) in a myriad of jewel-like colours. I attempted to satiate my appetite by testing out our new camera and buying a drop spindle and a handful of indigo and saffron-coloured hanks of wool. DSC_0266DSC_0293DSC_0264DSC_0260 DSC_0273DSC_0269DSC_0282DSC_0292 DSC_0275 DSC_0300

Thankyou to Hilary and Sarah for putting up with my photo-taking!