The Mill

It’s high time I paid my respects here on my blog to a favourite local hub of mine – The Mill, on Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow. mill

A former library that was closed down, the building was rescued and revived by local residents determined to maintain a space for neighbours to meet, play cards, read the paper, exchange language skills or do anything they liked. Over a year on, there’s an exhibitions programme, children’s activities, a book club and, very importantly, a twice-weekly knitting circle. After a long period of absence I made a return to Friday morning’s session, to find a hive of activity, ready for a craft sale tomorrow afternoon. If you’re in the E17 area..









Click here for more information about The Mill and its programme.

2 thoughts on “The Mill

  1. We left Walthamstow back in 2004(left London actually!) and on browsing through craft blogs here on wordpress I was prestented withy our photo of ‘the mill’. And i thought that place looks so familliar and of course on reading i discovered its an old haunt of mine and my kids. So sad the library has gone, but so pleased it is still available for the community to use 🙂

    • How lovely to receive a message from a former Walthamstow resident, and from Algeria too!
      Do pay a visit if you’re ever back in London – The Mill’s really thriving.
      I hope your daughter continues with her interesting blog – it’s refreshing to see a commentary on Algeria aside from UK media sources.

      All the best, Hannah

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