Back in London

No posts recently, sorry! My main excuse is that I’m just back from a week teaching art and art history in Ukraine. It was a very exciting visit and I’m looking forward to returning next month and exploring the city of Donetsk with my camera. Unfortunately, my current camera battery lasts about ten minutes tops, so no pictures from this visit.

After a couple of frenzied months, knitting has slowed down a little lately. My green swiggle jumper and I aren’t talking right now. Although we’re completely and utterly made for each other there are still some serious relationship issues. After some denial on my part, I’ve come to realise that we need to take a couple of steps back – namely reknitting the armhole edges of the front.

Tomorrow renegotiations begin.

shirtwaister shirtwaister3

In the meantime, I’ve rekindled love for my sewing machine. Some beautiful blue stripey silk found in a fabric shop in Glasgow last month is gradually coming together into a shirtwaister dress. It’s working out nicely despite the fabric (and, incidentally, my mind) unravelling faster than you can say ‘seam allowance’.shirtwaister2

4 thoughts on “Back in London

  1. You can paint the unstable edges (those cut along the weft) with nail varnish or a commercial alternative (John Lewis haberdashery) which isn’t so stiff. Maybe you could thin the nail varnish with nail varnish remover, but I haven’t tried this (yet).

  2. Both projects…way cool. I always have several things going at the same time, maybe keeping brain cells active and dementia at bay hahaha Keep up with the multiple projects. The Ukraine………more cool.
    Someone gave me a serger and WOW I didn’t know what I was missing, great for woven ends also.

    • Ahh, overlockers are a whole new level – very envious. I’m trying to limit the number of projects I’m working on at once because it can get very long-winded, but having at least two on the go stops me from getting bored or frustrated. Good luck with yours!

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