Art lessons

kievjuly21As a (freelance) teacher of Art and English, I’m always trying to think up new projects and ideas for lessons. Most of the time I try to take the lessons outside to parks, museums and galleries, where we can draw from observation and learn about art first-hand.

We also have some favourite classroom-based games, including:

– “What Am I?” (names of animals are drawn on numerous pieces of paper, each person sticks one to their forehead and tries to discover which it is by asking Yes/No questions like “Do I have hooves?”)

– “Exquisite Corpse”, aka “New Species” (each person draws part of a figure, then folds over the paper and passes it to the next person to complete)

– the self-explanatory “Keep-the-pencil-on-the-paper” and “No looking” drawings

– “Describe the picture” (one person picks a picture from an art book and describes it for the other person to draw)

On one of the rare occasions we weren’t out and about on my last visit to Kyiv, I came up with this very simple mosaic-making project. Suitable for all ages (with varying degrees of assistance).

How to make a paper mosaic

Click here for PDF version


– coloured card, cut into small squares (painting sheets yourself beforehand would add a fun extra part to the project, Matisse-style)

– glue stick

– plain paper for background (could be white or something more interesting)

– a work surface you don’t mind getting messy



1. With the coloured squares gathered into piles around the edge, arrange your mosaic picture. It’s easiest to start from the inside and work outwards.mosaic2mosaic3

2. Once you’re happy with the image, completely cover your sheet of paper with glue, then carefully lay it glue-side-down onto the design before the glue dries.mosaic4mosaic5

3. Make sure all the squares are glued down by rubbing the back of the paper, then lift it off before it dries to the table.mosaic6

4. Clean the table and admire your work!mosaic8mosaic7

This project was inspired by a visit to St Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, and the beautiful mosaics there. Incidently, Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire currently has an exhibition of Roman mosaics on until November, recommended by Aunty Penny.

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