Glasgow Necropolis

A belated ‘Happy Halloween!’ and some more photos of the city I now call home.
I’ve discovered that the best views of Glasgow are from a) the eleventh floor of the University library and b) the hilltop of the city’s Victorian Necropolis.

My boyfriend Sayed and I chanced upon the Necropolis a few weeks ago, after a visit to the nearby St Mungo Museum of Religious Art and Life. Sayed’s an artist and photographer, so apologies that none of these images are from his elevated perspective and swanky digital SLR, which I’ve often borrowed for blog posts in the past. I’m missing him (and the Nikon!) right now since he’s doing a two-month artist’s residency at the National College of Arts in Lahore (more info about his projects here).
Necropolis3Necropolis2 Necropolis5 Necropolis6The entire hill is covered in statues and elaborate tombs – 3500 of them, apparently. A path winds its way to the top, which is so prickled with obelisks it resembles a hedgehog’s back. As I photographed the tombs, I was struck by how the Victorian monuments merge and alternate on the horizon with the factory chimneys and high-rise flats of the city beyond.Necropolis4Necropolis8The Necropolis is beautiful and peaceful (especially on an unusually bright, sunny autumn day), and a surprisingly excellent picnic spot. However, it was marred by one thing. Disturbingly, a member/members of the National Front have used the tombs as a canvas for hateful words. I thought long and hard before including an image of it here on my blog; I’m reluctant to give xenophobia any attention that might lead these misguided idiots to think their actions have any credability, but I also want to expose its ugliness. If I can match each spiteful, ignorant word with a decent, informed one, then I think it’s worth mentioning. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen ‘NF’ and swastikas scrawled in a public place, here or anywhere in the UK. I hope it’s the last, but if current statistics on perceptions of immigration are anything to go by, this may be part of a worrying rise in racism.Necropolis1Necropolis7

3 thoughts on “Glasgow Necropolis

    • Amongst the tombs? I didn’t see any deer, or even any obelisks with antlers. Perhaps they’re wintering in Richmond park or just hiding down the other side of the hill.

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