Goodbye London (for now)

On Saturday, Sayed and I moved out of our little flat in Walthamstow. We’re sad to say goodbye to the area, our fantastic neighbours and friends and the daily life we’d settled into. Nevertheless, it’s time to move on.

moveSo, I spent most of last week scratching my head staring into boxes, then forgetting what was inside as soon as they were taped shut. Now, after a sweaty day packing and unpacking the van (kindly driven by Sayed’s cousin John!) I’m back at my parents’ home getting ready for the next stage – Glasgow!


On Monday, my moving zeal extended to hoovering the bat droppings out of my parents’ attic. Needless to say, I’ve calmed down a bit now.


Living with parrots again – involves sharing your food..


..and tea!


The Mill

It’s high time I paid my respects here on my blog to a favourite local hub of mine – The Mill, on Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow. mill

A former library that was closed down, the building was rescued and revived by local residents determined to maintain a space for neighbours to meet, play cards, read the paper, exchange language skills or do anything they liked. Over a year on, there’s an exhibitions programme, children’s activities, a book club and, very importantly, a twice-weekly knitting circle. After a long period of absence I made a return to Friday morning’s session, to find a hive of activity, ready for a craft sale tomorrow afternoon. If you’re in the E17 area..









Click here for more information about The Mill and its programme.

‘Knitting and catastrophe in cinema’? Sounds like the perfect evening to me!



Join us on Monday the 25th of March for an evening of film and discussion on the theme of ‘Threads: Un/ravelling Space’.

Featuring a rare screening of “wild but gentle” fantasy film Wool 100% (2006), directed by Mai Tominaga, in which two aging junk-collecting sisters return home one day to discover a stranger knitting a red dress in their house. We’ll also be screening Jenni Nelson’s documentary short Tightly Knit (2010), which explores the story of three passionate characters obsessed with knitting, introducing contemporary trends in a vibrant knitting community.

Plus Dr. Jonathan Faiers on knitting and catastrophe in cinema, Perri Lewis on knitting’s ‘scene’ in London, and a discussion chaired by Laura Price and Professor Philip Crang from Royal Holloway, University of London.

And if you’d like, please feel free to bring any knitting/craft to work on whilst watching the talks and films!

Kicks off at 7.30pm on Monday the 25th…

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New Year’s good intentions

My good intentions for 2013 are largely knitting related:

1. Learn more knitting techniques. Knitters like Helen Griffin have made me realise that there’s more than one way to cast-on (to say the least).

2. Learn more about knitting history and traditions. Visiting museums and galleries like the V&A, I want to make a conscious effort to learn about and draw inspiration from knitting foremothers (and fathers), such as the sock knitters of Sanquhar.

3. Make some patterns. Who knows? I might even be able to sell some.