Square Dance

Remember that commission I mentioned aaages ago? Well, I finished, wrapped and waved it off in April.

Now, two months on, having allowed any suspense I may have hoped to build up to whither and die (sigh), here’s a post to tell you (and remind me) what it was exactly that I made.





Ta da!


An excellent friend commissioned this blanket for her friend’s first baby. We settled on bamboo wool in cream, yellow and grey, and simple squares in garter stitch so it would be the same on both sides. Before sewing it together I photographed different patterns to help decide the layout, and ended up making this stop motion animation film in the process.

A commission!

I’m off to gather materials for a knitting commission. Stitches and finishing techniques were running through my head before I opened my eyes this morning.. excitement has officially kicked in. I’m sworn to secrecy for now and can’t reveal any details just yet.. so here’s a nice picture of a cat named Billy in the meantime.