Phone Case Knitting Pattern

Back in January 2013 I wrote this post on double-sided knitting, a technique that drew lots of ‘oohs!’ and ‘aahs!’ from fellow knitters and Pinterest users. So here’s a way of using a slightly different double-sided  technique to make a simple phone cover.

This pattern is also featured on the East London Craft Guerrilla blog. Recently I’ve helped out with a number of workshops and events run by Craft Guerrilla – a collective of designer makers dedicated to spreading the craft – and we have some exciting projects lined up for the future. Do please check out what we’re up to on the CG blog and website.

Pattern by No Idle Han. Many thanks to Penny Vickers for her astute pattern testing and Sayed Hasan for his photographic expertise.

phonecaseDifficulty level: average

Sizing: One size fits most smart phones (approx. 14cm circumference)

Click here for the no-nonsense, 1 sheet pdf version – Phone case pattern

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Swiggle pattern

Here’s a design I came up with recently, after doodling on a piece of paper.




I started by testing it out with some 3 ply..


..then with 4 ply, alternating the two colours. I realised that this was a perfect opportunity to try double-sided, so I used the same yarn to test it out (it’s the same piece as in my last post).



swig8The double-sided technique bulks the knitting out widthways, making the design appear stretched. Halfway through my swatch I compensated for this by repeating each row.

After a few experiments I think I’m ready to start a project. Watch this space..

P. S. Feel free to use this pattern, but if you do, I’d love to see the results.

P.P.S. I used the free colour chart maker from tricksy for the chart at the top of the post.

Double-sided knitting


For a while I’ve been wanting to try out the technique of double-sided knitting, after seeing a scarf that my very multi-talented aunty made. Finally I’ve had a go myself.

Although knitted ‘straight’ on two needles, it produces a seamless double-sided fabric, great for two-colour projects. Both sides are knitted in one row, with every knit stitch (for one side) followed by a purl stitch (for the other). If using two colours, they can be swapped from one side to the other to create the pattern, without any stranding on the reverse (because there is no reverse! ;). This allows you, for example, to knit a scarf with green polka dots on an orange background on one side, and orange polka dots on a green background on the other.



I discovered a couple of very useful websites and tutorials, created by people who are far better at explaining these things than me.

I found Ann Kingston‘s instruction’s really helpful, which can be downloaded as a PDF file here. I took her advice and adapted the handy technique of Italian cast on demonstrated by Helen Griffin in this youtube video.

— UPDATE! Thursday 13th March —

Click here for my free double-sided knitting pattern for a simple phone case