The Weekend

millfete02         This weekend I helped out at my local community centre’s Midsomer Mill Garden Fete. With the theme of Midsummer Murders in mind, I put on my most saccharine sweet flowery dress (no pictures of that, thankfully). millfete01millfete06millfete03millfete04millfete07millfete05millfete08millfete09millfete10millfete11millfete12millfete13To the tunes of The Moodswingers, we sold plants and knitted goods, ate cakes, drank tea, painted faces, blindfolded local police officers (yep – and charged them 20p for it) and generally felt like we lived in a sweet little village. Thanks to Kate and Isabelle for masterminding the day!

Pot, Plant

Finally! I’ve found some worthy tenants of my Christmas present, three pots made by Aunty Penny. In order of appearance: desert rose (from a cutting – hence the one massive leaf), aloe vera (offspring of our big plant which can’t stop cloning itself) and tiger begonia (also a present from Penny).plants3plants2plants1