Act of Terror Documentary

Just seen a short film by Gemma Atkinson that I thought worth sharing. It’s an animation about her experience of UK police misuse of the terrorism act, funded by the resulting settlement.

There’s more information about the film on the act of terror documentary website.

It reminds me of what a powerful weapon a camera can be. This happens to be the subject of the latest This American Life piece – ‘Picture Show’. If you haven’t come across this Chicago Public Radio show before, I’m delighted to introduce you to one of the most thoughtful and varied discussion shows out there in this baffling expanse we call the web. All their past shows are available free here on their archives page.

A Reminder



Today I walked past the Ecuadorian embassy and noticed a surprisingly heavy police presence for such a quiet, well-to-do street. One policeman stood on the steps of the building, another around the corner, and a police van was parked across the road. Then I saw a small group of people holding a flag, written on which were the words ‘FREE ASSANGE’. With a jolt, I remembered that Julian Assange has been under a kind of house arrest in this building for the past seven months.

The story has largely disappeared from UK news, but a handful of people make sure that there is a constant reminder and witness to the political stalemate taking place on this quiet, cold London street. It reminded me that even the act of standing, watching and waiting can be a powerful form of activism.