We’re going away to Brussels soon*

On Wednesday, Sayed and I are off to Brussels for a couple of nights.

The main purpose of the trip is for Sayed to give a talk at Recyclart on his and his friend Karl’s project ‘My Granddad’s Car’. So if you happen to be in Brussels on Wednesday night, come and see what we’re up to at Rue des Ursulines!

I’m also hoping to cram in some quality museum and gallery time. I don’t think I can resist taking Sayed for his first (and my third) visit to the beautiful art nouveau Victor Horta house, but I’d also like to visit some new places and exhibitions.

Any suggestions?

the Hortamuseum

*The blog title is inspired by a song stuck in my head at the moment – ‘The Troubles’ by The Roches. My revised lyrics go like this:

We’re going away to Brussels soon,

We’re going away to Brussels, Brussels soon,

BRUSsels soon, BRUSsels soooon.

We’ll try not to get in the way of the trams,

As we always do.

Try not to get in the way of the trams


Train journey

At the weekend Sayed and I went to visit friends in Exeter. We had a great time there, visiting the beach, playing and singing with their sweet little boy. But, I have to say, one of my favourite bits was our productive three-hour train journey there, me knitting, Sayed drawing. Here are a few photos.








1. New fairisle glove project. 2. & 3. Knitting. 4. One messy train table. 5. One talented illustrator (and photographer). 6. Sporting his new jumper. 7. Beautiful light on a fresh drawing.